Education as solid foundation for implementing national gender equality goals

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A solid foundation for implementing national gender equality goals in the coming period is education, expert To Thuy Diem Quyen said.

Women are increasingly recognized as important roles

Gender equality is one of the goals that most countries in the world are working towards. When fairness and equality are enhanced, society becomes more stable. Therefore, it is necessary to creat an equal environment for everyone to develop in various areas.

It can be said that women are increasingly recognized for playing an important role in a volatile world. However, gender inequality is a huge barrier preventing 'half of the world' from promoting their capabilities and values. In this context, the feminist foreign policy being promoted in the world is a necessary step.

According to the 2022 Global Gender Gap Report published by the World Economic Forum in July 2022, Vietnam's gender equality ranking index in 2022 is 83/146 countries, up 4 places compared to 2021 (in 2021 Vietnam ranked 87/144 countries).

In particular, indicators of women's empowerment, health and education have made significant progress. Funding for gender equality work continues to be paid attention to, arranged and integrated into national target programs, gradually ensuring resources for the implementation of gender equality tasks.

In particular, the Law on Prevention and Control of Domestic Violence (amended) has made an important contribution to improving the legal system, creating a legal corridor for domestic violence prevention and control, supporting victims, ensuring human rights and promoting gender equality. The integration of gender equality issues in the development and implementation of policies, laws, programs, plans and projects has been taken relatively seriously.

In general, the results of the implementation of the goals and targets have made progress compared to 2021, especially in the fields of economy, labor and employment; preventing and combating domestic violence and gender-based violence, the number and proportion of ministries, ministerial-level agencies and agencies attached to the Government with key leaders increased compared to 2021 and approached the target set by 2025. Targets that have been achieved by 2025 will continue to be maintained.

However, according to the Director General of the Department of Gender Equality (Ministry of Labor, War Invalids & Social Affairs) Le Khanh Luong, there are still difficulties, existences and limitations. Specifically, the direction, supervision and evaluation of Party committees and heads of units in several ministries, branches and localities for the implementation of the law on gender equality in general; The national strategy on gender equality in the period of 2021-2030 in particular has not been timely and close. The implementation plans are still general and not associated with specific local conditions, especially the lack of specific and synchronous solutions when implementing goals and targets.

Education as solid foundation for implementing national gender equality goals
Women's lack of skills means they don't know how to measure their limits, according to Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen. (Photo provided by the character)

The foundation for implementing gender equality

Currently, there are still barriers and challenges in the process of achieving gender equality goals and eliminating gender stereotypes. According to many experts, it is necessary to promote propaganda, awareness-raising education, communication and legal policy solutions. At the same time, awakening a woman's passion, aspiration, will and bravery is also extremely necessary. Since then, gradually eliminate gender stereotypes, moving towards gender equality.

In recent years, the international community has highly appreciated our country's efforts in implementing gender equality. In Vietnam, there are positive signs on this issue, most clearly shown among young people.

According to Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen, gender equality does not necessarily mean that everything men can do also creates conditions for women to express themselves; Nor do men need to share and shoulder all the housework for their wives.

"I like the word 'fairness' better because a husband who is too focused on his career needs to take on tasks that belong to men's skills or physical strength, as long as he does not leave it to women," Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen spoke.

Ms. Diem Quyen said that a solid foundation to realize the national gender equality goals in the coming period is education. In particular, men must respect women and children. Mothers teach their sons to share household chores, to take care of themselves, not to require care, not to impose patriarchy. The laws are stricter and there are enough laws to protect women. At the same time, educate girls to say 'no', protect themselves, seek protection and stand up for their peers.

Besides, according to Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen, fighting for women's rights is essential. However, educating girls to understand legal and reasonable privileges so that they know to create limits for themselves is extremely important. From there, they will know how to protect themselves more importantly than waiting for outside support.

"Women's lack of skills means they don't know how to measure their limits. Therefore, women should always equip themselves with skills. When we have skills, we live better, we know how to protect ourselves. Gender equality in the family sometimes starts from the awareness of the insiders" emphasized Ms. To Thuy Diem Quyen.

Expert To Thuy Diem Quyen, founder and CEO of InnEdu, 1 of 20 inspiring women in 2021 voted by Forbes Vietnam. She has worked in the education field for 30 years in all three roles as a teacher, trainer and owner of the educational business InnEdu, specializing in STEAM.

Diem Quyen is also a lecturer of innovation programs of the Ministry of Education and Training and a judge of local and national creative teacher competitions. She has trained and coached more than 60,000 educational leaders and teachers in more than 40 provinces and cities on STEAM-related skills, the application of information technology in teaching, innovative teaching methods and positive motivation for students.

In 2014, she participated in the Global Education Forum in Spain, also being the first Vietnamese to be recognized by Microsoft as an Innovative Educator Expert Fellow. In October 2020, InnEdu which she founded became Microsoft's first global training partner in Vietnam.

By: Translated by Thanh Xuan/ The World & Vietnam



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