Do business household registration documents need a certificate of land use right certificate?

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Ms. Bui Thi Le (Cao Bang) has a need to establish an individual business household, the authorities require her to provide the original red book to prove the land use right. However, her family mortgaged a land use right certificate to get a bank loan. Ms. Le asked, if you don't have a land use right certificate, you won't be able to register your business?

Cao Bang Province People’s Committee answered this question as follows:

The fact that Ms. Le reflected with the content of the application for individual business household registration requesting a land use right certificate is not consistent with the content of the incident.

When Ms. Le came to carry out administrative procedures at the Single Window Department of the City People's Committee. The departmental official, instructed her to add the document as the business location lease contract, the instructions were done by the instruction sheet in accordance with the law.

When carrying out procedures for certifying contracts and transactions in the commune or ward of Ms. Le renting a business location, the Justice - People's Committee of Cao Bang City asked Ms. Le to provide a copy of the land use right certificate of the lessor, proving that the leased place belongs to the lessor's use right.

The above proposal is in accordance with the provisions of law specified in Article 35 of the Government's Decree No. 23/2015/ND-CP dated February 16, 2015 on issuance of copies from the master register, authentication of original copies, authenticate signatures and authenticate contracts and transactions.

City People's Committee Cao Bang suggested that Ms. Le directly contact the Single Window Department of the City People's Committee, commune and ward civil servants to carry out the prescribed procedures.

By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic



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