Conditions for converting agricultural land into business production land

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Mr. Trinh Trung Trong (Thanh Hoa) inquired whether it is possible to convert annual and perennial crop land into business production land. What are the regulations governing this?

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment responded to this issue as follows:

At Point d, Clause 1, Article 57 of the Land Law, it is stipulated that cases of land use conversion must be approved by the competent state authority, including: "d) Conversion of agricultural land into non-agricultural land";

Clause 2, Article 57 of the 2013 Land Law has specified: "2. When converting land use according to the provisions of Clause 1 of this Article, the land user must fulfill financial obligations according to the law; land use regime, rights, and obligations of land users shall be applied according to the type of land after the change of land use purpose."

At Point a, Clause 2, Article 59 of the 2013 Land Law stipulates that the People's Committee of the district decides on land allocation, land lease, and permits for land use conversion in the following cases:

"a) Allocating land, leasing land, allowing land use conversion for households, individuals. In cases where households, individuals lease land, allowing land use conversion from agricultural land for commercial, service purposes with an area of 0.5 hectares or more, approval from the provincial People's Committee must be obtained before making a decision."

For specific guidance, it is recommended that you contact the local Department of Natural Resources and Environment to receive specific instructions according to regulations and authority.

According to (Government News).


By: Translator: LeAnh-Bizic


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