Building New Business Environment in the New Era

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After 12 years of implementing Resolution 09-NQ/TW of the 11th Politburo on building and promoting the role of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the period of accelerating industrialization, modernization and international integration, the awareness of both political and social systems has been enhanced. Later, on October 10, 2023, on behalf of the Politburo, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong signed Resolution 41-NQ/TW on building and developing the entrepreneur force in the new era. This is considered a “foundation” for developing enterprises and entrepreneurs and building a new business environment in the new era. The resolution sets clear goals for the business community and the entrepreneur force to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

VCCI tổ chức Hội nghị quán triển và triển khai thực hiện Nghị quyết số 41-NQ/TW của Bộ Chính trị về xây dựng và phát huy vai trò của đội ngũ doanh nhân Việt Nam trong thời kỳ mới

Various ongoing goals

Resolution 41-NQ/TW has many goals inherited from Resolution 09-NQ/TW, built from surveys on the current business status and changing conditions and situations from which new contents are added. The resolution synchronizes and concretizes the orientation policy set by the 13th Party Congress on developing a strong entrepreneur force, with a spirit of dedication to the nation, with cultural standards, progressive ethics and excellent business governance and skills. The resolution sets clear goals for the business community and entrepreneurial team to 2030 and a vision to 2045.

Resolution 41-NQ/TW sets seven groups of consistent tasks and solutions to ensure the implementation of identified viewpoints and goals, consistent with the new context and situation. In particular, the resolution proposes to promote the role of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and business representative organizations. Accordingly, VCCI will continue to consolidate and perfect its organization, innovate operating contents and methods, improve the quality and operational efficiency to fulfil its function and mission as a "political - social - professional organization" that represents legal and legitimate rights and interests of entrepreneurs and enterprises; expand membership and develop a stronger organization; and act as a solid bridge between the Party and entrepreneurs to help the cause of national construction and protection.

What do businesses and stakeholders say?

With the attention of the Party, the State and local authorities, the entrepreneur force has grown strongly in both quantity and quality. The role of entrepreneurs and business representative organizations is clearly fostered and promoted. However, the development of the entrepreneur force in Vietnam in general and Nghe An province in particular has not yet met new-era requirements. With more than 14,000 active companies in the province, most of which are small in scale, their competitiveness, financial capacity, operational performance and management skills remain modest while the number of large enterprises capable of creating supply and support chains is still small, including FDI firms.

Mr. Nguyen Van Quy, Director of Nghe An Construction and Environment Joint Stock Company, said, in addition to creating a new business environment for entrepreneurs and businesses in the new era, Resolution 41 clearly states the requirement to "have breakthrough policies to form and develop nationalist enterprises and large-scale enterprises that play a leading role in a number of key and important industries and fields." He added that, to have such "breakthrough policies", when implementing Resolution 41, Party committees and authorities of Nghe An province, VCCI Nghe An - Ha Tinh - Quang Binh Branch and local business associations need to focus more on this content to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) develop their full potential.

“Even though the local government supports and facilitates business development, I see that the connection, cohesion and participation of companies in supply chains and value chains are not good. Although large corporations, including FDI firms, play a crucial role in leading and creating value chains, we cannot expect and depend on them. My company is currently stuck in participating in the chain and connecting business to create more jobs for employees and pay more taxes to the local budget," he explained.

Mr. Bui Trung Nghia, Vice President of VCCI, said, said Resolution 41-NQ/TW affirms the viewpoint of respecting and protecting the rights, voices and interests of businesspeople. VCCI is assigned the important task of coordinating the implementation of the resolution. To bring the resolution to life soon, the Central Economic Committee in coordination with VCCI will periodically oversee and urge localities across the country to implement this resolution, including Nghe An province; work with relevant bodies to monitor, urge and inspect business development strategies; coordinate the implementation of training programs and work out plans to create a favorable environment for businesses.

Representing the Nghe An Veteran Entrepreneurs Association, Mr. Nguyen Thu Thuong, Permanent Vice Chairman, affirmed the soundness and timeliness of Resolution 41. In addition to new contents such as completing policies and laws, create a favorable, safe and equitable investment and business environment for entrepreneurs and enterprises to foster development and make more contributions, the resolution emphasizes entrepreneurial ethics, entrepreneurial spirit, business culture and social responsibility. There are currently many companies and entrepreneurs who, for minor personal selfish gains, commit law-violating acts like making counterfeit goods and knockoffs, evading tax duty, dodging social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for employees, breaking laws on environmental protection and paying little attention to social responsibility, he added. Member businesses of Nghe An Veteran Entrepreneurs Association always strictly respect the law, uphold social responsibility and take the lead in charity work. “We regularly support each other in work, propagate and encourage culture, ethics, entrepreneurship and legitimate enrichment. Resolution 41 is like a ‘breath of fresh air’ that encourages and empowers the business community, especially entrepreneurs with ethics, business culture and a sense of regulatory compliance," he noted.

To implement the resolution promptly and effectively, right now, Party committees and local governments at all levels need to provide the best conditions for enterprises, including strong enforcement of business support mechanisms and policies; drastically reform administrative procedures, improve the investment and business environment; closely coordinate in boosting communications on resolution implementation; and pay more attention to training enterprises and entrepreneurs. VCCI and business representative agencies from central to local levels need to do a better job and role of their coordinating well in carrying out important tasks of Resolution 41.


VCCI Nghe An - Ha Tinh - Quang Binh Branch

By: Vietnam Business Forum



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