7th VCCI congress: For a strong business community!

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The 7th VCCI Congress took place in the context that the business community was facing intertwined challenges and opportunities, and businesses were looking forward to decisions to promote economic recovery.

VCCI President Pham Tan Cong

Today (December 30), the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) held the 7th National Congress of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, term 2021-2026.

Addressing this event, Mr. Pham Tan Cong, VCCI President, said that the 7th VCCI National Congress is an important event. "The congress is held in the context that businesses are facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This is a time when opportunities and challenges are intertwined, " emphasized the VCCI President.

The VCCI President said that the 7th VCCI National Congress will be held in 2 sessions, including the internal session this afternoon and the plenary session tomorrow morning (December 31). 

"In recent years, with the attention and facilitation of the Party and State, the Vietnamese business community has been developing rapidly, actively contributing to economic development and creating jobs, helping to alleviate poverty... For its part, VCCI is proud of its contribution to promoting the development of the business community in the period 2015–2020, "said VCCI President.

According to the VCCI President, the role of VCCI in building policies and laws, improving the business environment, and promoting administrative procedure reform at the central and provincial levels is increasingly affirmed and enhanced. VCCI also regularly organizes activities to support businesses, ensuring to promote the combined strength of business associations across the country.

"The position and reputation of VCCI have not only been enhanced domestically but also internationally. VCCI is considered by the international business community as one of the most dynamic chambers of commerce in the developing economies and is one of the strongest partners in the world business community," emphasized the VCCI President.

The congress was held in hybrid form.

The VCCI President said, in today's internal session, the Congress properly evaluates the achieved results, draws advantages to promote, and frankly points out shortcomings and weaknesses in the operation of the business community as well as that of VCCI in the past term, thus determining the target direction in the next term. 

In addition, the Congress also reviews the work of the Executive Committee and examination committee in the 6th term and draws lessons for the VII term. The Congress also approves the renaming of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the amendment of the VCCI’s charter while electing the Executive Committee and Inspection Committee of VCCI for the 7th term.

With the spirit of solidarity, innovation, creativity, and responsibility, the 7th National Congress will discuss related issues by basing them on the vision, mission, and operational direction of VCCI and going hand in hand with the development orientation of the country, such as striving to become a middle-class country by 2030 and a high-income, prosperous, and happy country by 2045.

The business community is the heart of the economy, so it is clear that it is the main force to develop the country. Therefore, this Congress will discuss and unify the vision and tasks of VCCI to contribute to building a prosperous nation, "said the VCCI President.

VCCI, as a national representative as well as a voice of the business community, also needs to strongly improve operational efficiency to fulfill its role. In the VCCI President’s opinion, to do this, the Congress needs to wisely elect those who have the enthusiasm to participate in the common work of the Congress.

By: Business Forum Magazine

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